KamPay July Airdrop

2 min readJun 24, 2021


KamPay is proud to announce that we are beginning our airdrop phase!​

Following a successful sold-out IDO via the BSCstarter platform and a successful previous airdrop that created a lot of demand- KamPay is delighted to announce our airdrop program, launching on

Friday, June 24th at 2 PM UTC — Ending at 1st August, 2 PM UTC!

The airdrop program is set to run for a whole month and it will distribute 1,000,000 KAMPAY tokens in rewards for a total amount of 1,025 lucky winners!

The rewards will be split into 3 tiers, of which the first tier will include mostly our beloved community members that we have found active in the past few weeks, the second and the third tier winners will be selected completely randomly, so everyone have a chance to win a juicy amount of KAMPAY tokens!

Not all the tasks are mandatory — but the more tasks that will be performed — the higher your chance will be to enter the higher tiers!

First Tier — KamPay Fanboy:

will conclude a total of 5 lucky winners who will get gifted 20,000 KAMPAY tokens each, a total prize pool of a whopping 100,000 KAMPAY tokens for 5 people, feeling lucky yet?

Second Tier — KamPay Lover:

will conclude a total of 20 lucky winners who will get gifted 5,000 KAMPAY each, a total prize pool of another 100,000 KAMPAY to be shared equally between 20 people.

Third Tier — KamPay Rookie:

will conclude a total of 1,000 winners who will share a prize pool of 800 KAMPAY tokens each totaling a whopping sum of 800,000 KAMPAY tokens.

The winners will be announced over at our social media and mainly our official Telegram community and announcement page via an excel sheet of which you’ll be able to search your address, also — by entering your address to BSCScan you’ll be able to find whether you have received KAMPAY tokens (after the airdrop will be finalized at 1st August) — so stay tuned!

Changing The World, Together!

In order to participate click the link below and follow the instructions >>





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