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To many born into comfortable geo-locations, owning a home symbolises our common aspirations to and is the just result of our hard work, yet less than 5 % of people in Sub-Saharan Africa have access to formal financing — mortgages, credit, savings that will allow them to buy, build or repair a home. Homes are constructed by pooling of capital, through remittances sent home by the diaspora. Families build when they can with what they can, in stages, the permanent replacing more temporary materials and some homes take a generation or two to complete. …


A link to the Ask Me Anything over at our official Telegram can be found here aswell »

Ben: Team, please introduce yourselves, we will start with Ray.

Ray: Hi Everyone. I’m Ray and I am one of the Co Founders of KamPay. For those of you that haven't seen our AMAs before. I have extensive background in operating online businesses and gaming online and on the ground globally and for the last 10 years have been working around Africa.

Ben: Hey Ray! It’s so great having you here.

Just so you guys know, in-order to get a full grasp…

Africa is going through an economic revolution never seen before, primarily driven by the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The continent of Africa represents a largely untapped market and presents a huge and unique opportunity for cryptocurrency to deliver greater financial inclusion.

Africa’s population is set to double to 2.5 Billion people in coming decades, with GDP across the continent anticipated to grow 10–20x. However, there are huge infrastructure problems to be solved to facilitate this growth.

Blockchain has a unique opportunity in the developing world to become the underlying financial infrastructure.

This will be faster, more adaptable, vastly more efficient, and…

KamPay Africa Grain and Seed Association

Africa’s COVID-19 aftermath is, to say the least, a complicated puzzle to solve. With marginalized communities spanning the entire continent, the worldwide emergency has intensified the presence of malnutrition, hunger, and poverty problems. The number of deaths due to starvation or hunger-related illnesses is estimated by U.N.’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock to double because of Covid19.

Furthermore, there is a widespread feeling in Africa that, were these problems ever to be solved, the solutions will most likely arise from the grit and hustle of Africans themselves. Government level corruption, lack of sanitary and financial…

We are delighted to announce our second community AMA which will take place tomorrow!

In this AMA (Ask Me Anything) — You will be able to ask our superior team ANY question that is on your mind, this is true regarding any doubt or issue that you have, we will try to answer as much as possible, those who witnessed our previous AMA already know that we have answered 100% of the questions, and nobody remained without an answer to their question.

We would love to see you here with us guys, really, it was a great pleasure speaking to…

Glitch and KamPay Partnering

We’re pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Glitch, a blockchain agnostic super protocol and created in order to facilitate trustless money markets. It is a blockchain-based operating system that was created specifically for DeFi applications.

This partnership will be multifaceted.

First, Glitch will work together with KamPay to create a bridge to the GLITCH network, will list KamPay tokens on the GEX, and ultimately benefit from KamPay’s reach to expand Glitch’s userbase throughout various markets in Africa.

As a new, hybrid-style L1 blockchain, GLITCH comes with a

bunch of unique characteristics. However Glitch focuses on users’ perspective…

Inflation is an inevitable part of the modern fiat economy, even with long time lags. The rate of rising and falling prices impacts the demand for goods and services. As well as the purchasing value of money.

Policymakers believe that an acceptable inflation rate should sit at approximately 2 percent (or below). This figure is manageable in economically stable countries. However, it’s not uncommon for developing countries to experience hyperinflation.

Several African countries have some of the world’s highest inflation rates. In the same breath, Africa is one of the world’s largest growing regions. …

KamPay is proud to announce that we are beginning our airdrop phase!​

Following a successful sold-out IDO via the BSCstarter platform and a successful previous airdrop that created a lot of demand- KamPay is delighted to announce our airdrop program, launching on

Friday, June 24th at 2 PM UTC — Ending at 1st August, 2 PM UTC!

The airdrop program is set to run for a whole month and it will distribute 1,000,000 KAMPAY tokens in rewards for a total amount of 1,025 lucky winners!

The rewards will be split into 3 tiers, of which the first tier will include…

Greetings Kamarians! 👋

We would love to invite you to join us to the Africa Blockchain Week virtual summit which will take place at 28th June — 1st July, the largest African blockchain summit in the world of which you’ll be able watch our

CEO Dr. Chris Cleverly talking about KamPay and our visions to a large audience of curious investors and personnel.

KamPay is proud to announce that we are the main Gold Sponsors of this historic event!

10,000+ Participants 👀
100+ Speakers 🔊
100+ Big-name investors 💵
50+ Countries 🌐
50+ Journalists 📝

Changing the world, Together! 🌍

In this time of global economic reset it is crucial to give billions of unbanked people the ability to use digital currency and payment systems. KamPay will address this challenge using lotteries to incentivize users in Africa to get digital wallets.

Recent Developments

KamPay successfully executed an IDO on BSCstarter and was listed on PancakeSwap on 6th June 2021. KamPay’s CEO, Chris Cleverly says about the project’s plans: “We are going to start our program, not just in terms of the corporate activity and the speculation and the investment that people are going to put in behind our coin and…


A new mobile payments cryptocurrency to unite one billion people across Africa in the first pan-African digital gaming platform.

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